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Policy, process and procedure

The content of each policy and procedure template is fully editable.

Master documents are stored for future use, and can be editable in Master format or to suit the project.


The basic template / layout is fixed. Certain elements, e.g. specific duties, are editable.
When you add a name, relevant personal data is added to the appointment – e.g. ID, Position, Occupation, length of service, phone number.

Main sections

Method statements
Risk assessments

Staff ID & certificates
Warning system for expiring certificates
Training matrix
Tools and assets
Policy, Plans and Procedure
Toolbox talks
SWP – Safe Work Procedures
SOP – Safe Operating Procedures.
Acts and regulations.
Registers and Inspections… 


Template / documents contain the:
Trading Name of the company
Logo of the company
Project name
Client name (if applicable)
Each page is indexed according to the Q-Safe Index. Custom index numbers can be added if required.
QMS (Quality Management) codes can be added if the company is ISO rated.


Section 1 – General company information

Safetyfile Index – Main File
Safetyfile Index – Working File.
Site organogram / company structure.
Emergency telephone list.
Sub-contractor/contractor appointment CR37(2).
Client health and safety specifications CR5(1).
Letter of Goodstanding – LOG – COID
Company registration document.[spacer height=”20px”]

Section 2 – Appointments of responsible persons, with CV, competency and certification.

2.1 Senior management and Contractors

CEO appointment OSHA(1).
CEO appointee OSHA 16(2).
Contractor Appoints Sub-contractor 37(2)
Principal Contractor Appointment CR5(1)(k)

2.2 Construction and site

Contractor Appointment CR7(1)(c)(i).
Construction Manager CR8(1).
Assistant Construction Manager CR8(2).
Safety Officer CR8(5).
Health and Safety Representative.
Construction Supervisor CR8(7).
Assistant construction supervisor CR8(8).
Risk assessor CR9(1).
Fall protection planner CR10(1).
Safety Harness Inspector CR10(2)(d).
Operations supervisor of temporary works CR12(2).
Excavations supervisor CR13(1)(a).
Explosives supervisor CR13(2)(k).
Demolitions supervisor CR14(1).

2.3 Tools and Equipment

Portable Electrical Tools Inspector EMR10
Hand Tools Inspector OHSA 8
PPE Inspector
Supervisor of machinery GMR2(1)
Assistant Supervisor of Machinery GMR2(7)(a)

2.4 People and Environment

Covid-19 Manager
Covid-19 Officer
First Aider GSR3(4)
Environmental Officer
Hygiene Inspector CR30
Health and Safety Representative OHSA17(1)
Health and Safety Committee Member OHSA19(3)
Health and Safety Committee Member
Person responsible for Traffic Management

2.5 Heights

Fall Protection Planner CR10(1)
Fall protection Supervisor CR(10)
Ladder Inspector GSR13(a)
Safety Harness Inspector
Rope Access Works Supervisor CR18(1)(a)

2.6 Special Skills

Incident Investigator GAR 9(2)
Fire Equipment Inspector CR29(h)
Fire Fighter
Angle Grinder Operator
Bulk Mix Plant Supervisor CR20(1)
Concrete Mixer Operator and Inspector
Welding and Cutting Technician
Emergency Controller

2.7 Housekeeping

Housekeeping Inspector
Stacking and Storage Supervisor CR28(a)

2.8 Electrical

Temporary Electrical Connections Inspector CR24(c,d)
Earth Leakage Inspector
Electrical Machinery Inspector EMR 9(4)

2.9 Hazardous Substances

Asbestos Removal Supervisor
Portable Gas Bottle Controller
Hazardous Chemical Controller

2.10 Vehicles and Plant

Construction Vehicle and Mobile Plant Supervisor CR23(1)(a.b.c)
Construction Vehicle and Plant Operator CR23(1)(d)(i)
Construction Vehicle and Plant Inspector 23(1)(k)
LDV Operator
HDV Operator 23(1)(d)
Skid-steer Operator
Chipper Operator
Chainsaw Operator
TLB Operator
Gyrotrac Operator
Hydroseeder Operator
Crane Supervisor CR22
Crane Erector CR22

2.11 Scaffolding and Formwork

Scaffold Inspector CR16(1)
Scaffold erector CR16(1).
Scaffold team leader 16(1)
Scaffold inspector 16(1)
Suspended platforms inspector CR17(1)
Suspended platforms test officer CR17(2)
Designer of Temporary Works CR12(1)
Formwork Supervisor CR12(1)

2.12 Lifting

Lifting machine Operator DMR18(11)
Lifting Machine Inspector DMR18
Materials hoist inspector CR19(8)(a).

2.13 Explosives

Explosive Power Tools Operator CR21(1)(b).
Explosive Power Tools Inspector DMR18

2.14 General Appointments

Manager (generic)
Assistant Manager (generic)
Supervisor (generic)
Assistant Supervisor (generic)
Warehouse Manager
Kitchen manager
Food and Beverage Manager
Cleaning Supervisor
Stores Manager
Transport manager
Workshop Manager
Quality Control Inspector
Assistant Quality Control Inspector
Floor Manager
Security Controller

3.    Personnel

Staff ID, next of kin, training documents.
Medical certificates.
Employees on site.
Warning letters.

4.   Plans, policies and procedures

Health and safety policy OHS7.
Health and safety plan CR7(1). (43 sections – editable)
Fall protection plan CR10(1).
Traffic management plan.
Environmental policy.
Environmental plan.
Waste management policy.
Waste management plan.
Risk monitoring plan CR9(1)(d).
Risk assessment review plan CR9(1)(e).
Emergency preparedness and response.
Alcohol policy.
Drug and substance abuse policy.
Workplace policy.
Near-miss policy.
Monthly safety goals.
First aid list.
Safety signs.
Hearing conservation.
Health and safety representative duties.
Construction site induction arrangements.
Machinery and boilers.

5.   Risk
Method statement.
Task specific risk assessments.
Safe work procedures.
Site evacuation plan.

6.   Incidents
Incident and accident reporting.
Employers report of an accident.
Incident report summary.
Incident documentation control and reconciliation.

7.   Acts and Legislation

Occupational health and safety act.
Construction regulations.

8.   MSDS and Hazchem

Hazardous chemicals and substances register.

MSDS sheets.


Working File

9.   Personnel on site

Staff attendance register.
Visitors to site[spacer height=”20px”]

10.   Toolbox talks

Designation of health and safety representatives / functions.
Advice to employees.
General duties at work.
Working dress.
Personal Points.
Prevention of dermatitis.
PPE – head and foot protection.
PPE – Eye and face protection.
PPE – Respiratory and hearing protection.
PPE – Hand and fall protection.
Hand tools.
Compressed gas.
Abrasive wheels.
…Scaffold and Ladder
Working at heights.
Safe use of stepladders.
Ladder usage and inspection.
Scaffold do’s and don’ts.
Working on scaffold.
A guide to scaffold erection.
Edges and openings.
Electricity general.
Electricity – Distribution boards and earth leakage.
Electricity – voltage drop.
…Working on site
Removal system and waste removal.
Public safety – Notices and signs.
Fire prevention.
Hazardous chemicals on site.
Good housekeeping.
Housekeeping – Stacking and storage.
Housekeeping – nails, tools, materials, stairways and passages.
Housekeeping – facilities.[spacer height=”20px”]

11.   Registers

PPE Issued.
Portable electrical tools.
Scaffold deviations.

Plant and equipment.
Ladder register GSR13(a).
First aid treatments.
Fire fighting equipment CR29(g).
Fire extinguisher training.
Safety harness training.
Evacuation GSR13(3)(h).[spacer height=”20px”]

12.   Checklists

Covid-19 symptom check
Man hours on site.
Hand tools inspection – Daily.
Hand tools inspection  – Monthly.
Portable power tools.
Vehicle inspection – Daily.
PPE Inspection.
Formwork – Daily.
Mobile crane.
Motorised plant and equipment.
Ladders – monthly.
Stacking and storage.
Housekeeping – Daily.
Housekeeping – Monthly.
Distribution boards.
Welding equipment.
Environmental.[spacer height=”20px”]

14.   Daily tasks template

SHE Rep report.
PTO – Planned task observation.
DSTI – Daily safe task instruction.