Safety Plan

A SAFETY PLAN is a detailed document covering a wide range of safety factors relating to a project.

The purpose of the Health and and Safety Plan is to minimise loss, meet regulatory requirements and implement site safety regulations implemented by your company.

The Q-Safe system includes a detailed Health and Safety Plan.
While the one supplied is generic, it can be easily adapted to suit your company and the project requirements.

It is divided into 43 sections.
Each section has its own set of text content.

1. Purpose.
2. Works Description.
3. References and guidelines.
4. Health and safety policy.
5. Mission statement.
6. Project objectives.
7. Management and Supervision.
8. Public Safety.
9. Competence and training.
10. Company responsibilities.
11. Communication.
12. Progress meetings.
13. Toolbox talks.
14. Public and traffic.
15. Subcontractors.
16. Site rules.
17. Site access.
18. Risk management.
19. Fall protection plan.
20. Training and induction.
21. Personal protective equipment -PPE.
22. Housekeeping.
23. First aid.
24. Fire prevention.
25. Monitoring safety.
26. Reporting and accidents.
27. Recording and investigating accidents.
28. Barricading.
29. Construction vehicles and plant.
30. Ladders.
31. Portable electrical equipment.
32. Hand tools.
33. Health and Safety Representatives & Meetings
34. Documentation.
35. Health and Safety file.
36. Medical fitness.
37. Transport of employees.
38. Appointments.
39. Health and Safety audits.
40. Permits.
41. Signs.
42. Hazardous chemicals and substances.
43. Emergency evacuation and preparedness.

Default text is provided with the system. This can be edited in the Master Document section of Q-Safe.
Text can be easily edited with the copy/paste function of regular text.