Safety Files.

What are they?

Safety files show safety methods.

The short explanation...

Safety files are a set of SITE SPECIFIC documents that shows the steps you have taken to ensure that, as a result of your company activities on a project,  none of your employees nor other persons, will have their health affected nor incur injury as a result of those activities, nor the activities of others.

How can you achieve this?

We create a file with MANY different sections covering a range aspects:

Employees and their training
Appointments – Who is responsible for what?
Policy – What has management decided about how the company will operate?
Procedures – How will things get done safely?
Hazard and risk – Identify them, and state what is going to be done to reduce or eliminate them.
Working at height – what to do so nobody falls.
Education – The key to safer sites.
Incidents and Accidents – What to do if they occur. How to avoid a repeat incident.
Registers and checklists – Are tools and equipment in good condition, and fit for purpose?

How can Q-Safe help?

Q-Safe has helped 1500+ business in South Africa build compliant safety files – QUICKLY.

Did you know, there is no ‘correct’ way to build a safety file?
However, there is an accepted format – ‘common practice’ – which generally acceptable. Q-Safe is built around that.

There are 200+ documents - How do I know what to print?

Common documents are pre-selected. You can add and remove as required.

Does Q-Safe comply with regulations?

Q-Safe can create a safety files which fulfil the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
However, the content must be relevant to your project and its hazards. That is the responsibility of the user.

How do I benefit?

Comply with regulations
Being allowed to work on a construction site
Set up all your health and safety systems
Avoid prosecutions in the event of an injury if you are compliant and have followed correct procedure.

I need to change or update. Now what?

Q-Safe is very flexible, and will allow you to:

Create a new safety file as well as modify an existing one.
Print a full file or individual pages.
Add custom documents if necessary.
Add staff and select who is needed for a site.
Update the file as risks change.
Update the file for a new site.

Is Q-Safe computer based or online (cloud)?

The standard (most common) option is computer based (desktop and laptop).

If you need:
Multiple users
Shared data
Multiple user input
Multiple location access

The we have online options. Message us for more detail.

View a list of ALL documents included

View standard options

Please note.
Q-Safe is a full computer program, not just a set of pdf/word docs.