Risk Assessments

Risk assessments – Eliminate or Minimise…


Risk Assessments are a detailed analysis of the risks relating to the tasks you perform on a project.

Generally includes:

Tasks to be performed

The hazards associated with performing the task

What could possibly go wrong while performing the task

Determine the level of risk before controls are put in place

Establish best controls (see hierarchy of control below), what is to be done, by whom. What training needs to be in place or added.

Now consider the risk level once the planned controls are in place.

Hazard vs. Risk

A HAZARD is anything that could cause harm or affect the health of the worker or anyone else.

RISK is the chance, high or low, that someone could be harmed by the hazard.

Hierarchy of Controls

This is a popular diagram showing the steps to consider to ELIMINATE or MINIMISE risk.

ELIMINATE is always best.

PPE is a last resort, not a solution.

Building Risk Assessments

Q-Safe has a Risk Assessment builder system.

We include 150+ samples for you to use, edit, copy, or delete.

To help you, there is a list of 400+ activities which can 

used to quickly build a risk assessment.

Have a look at the video on the right.

You can choose to print in colour or greyscale.

Risk assessment sample:

Risk assessment

Who can do risk assessments?

Any experienced person who can understand the hazards and risks involved, can build a risk assessment.

The regulations call for a ‘Competent’ or suitably qualified person to do this.

We recommend a member of your company attend a HIRA course and get certified to do so. (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment).

It is common for clients safety representatives to insist on this, so it is a good idea to do this course.

More ‘how to’ video guides are available HERE