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Reseller Opportunity
Earn money from software sales and assisted setups..

For any business, health and safety compliance is a nightmare.

Smaller companies cannot afford to employ qualified professional consultants to do safety compliance, especially where every contract should have its own set of documentation.

The construction related industry is leading the enforcement of correct safety documentation, which is complicated. Q-Safe makes it easy.

Q-Safe was  launched in August 2015, and has become extremely popular, with over 850 businesses using the product.

How it works

Q-Safe is supplied as a download link.
There is a video on how to setup the software.
Interested people can download a trial version to check that it runs on their computer and have a quick look at the content before a license key is required to activate it.
Once they pay you, you pay us, we send you a license key which is specific to that company trading name.

How you can benefit

We are looking for resellers.

We are offering independent persons and businesses the opportunity to earn a commission from the sales of the license key to activate the product.

You will appear on the "Contact us" page of our web site.

The price is currently listed on our website as R1350.00*. Customer can use for unlimited sites for a year.


You can earn extra by offering to assist with the setup of the file - see more information below ***

On annual renewal, you will also receive a 40% cash back commission on the renewal received (T&C Apply)

You are entitled to a discount off the sale price (30% to 50% depending on sales volumes).

We will provide a manual on what to do, and educate you on the different components of the system.

We run regular online training sessions, to which you can attend. Special training sessions for resellers run on a weekly basis.

Commission structure

Commission rate is calculated from when you first place an order for a customer.

1-5 units 30%

6-10 units 35%

11-20 units 40%

21-50 units 45%

51+ units 50%

Setup costs

R5000.00, which includes:

A licensed version of the Q-Safe (standard)  program for a trading name of your choice in order to demonstrate to others and use for your own benefit. Or you can get the PRO option for an additional R3650.00 (total R8650.00).

Training, online help and support. Telephonic support.

***Option - Assisted setup

Only qualified and registered persons can do safety documentation for other companies.

However, if competent, a business owner can create his own safety file.

A non-qualified person is however able to assist with the entering all the relevant information into the system for the owner, and charge a fee. (recommended fee - approx R2000, plus R500 printing).

We provide step by step instructions on how to do this - what documents you need, what questions to ask the owner, what options do you select.

AND there is more...
We also have Q-Safe PRO which is used by Health and Safety Consultants -R5000, and
Job-Worx which is perfect for contractors - Costing, quoting, purchasing, etc. - R1500.00 for the year.

Same discounts apply to all these products.

****Renewals: To benefit from the renewal commission, you are required to sell a minimum of one package every month.

You can download a trial version of Q-Safe HERE

Are you qualified as a Health and Safety Consultant?

Have a look at the Franchise opportunity HERE

*Price excludes VAT.  VAT is not currently charged. This may change.