Renewal of Q-Safe and Q-safe PRO


Your version of Q-Safe has expired, or is expiring soon.

To ensure uninterrupted us, please arrange payment now.


Your next expiry date will only be 12 months from the day your current program is due to expire - so you are not penalised for renewing early.

Option 1 - Bank EFT - fill in the form on the right.

Option 2 - Credit Card - Click the link below.


Q-Safe Standard - Single contractor. R1350.00


Q-Safe PRO - Multiple contractor. R5000.00


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Importing existing data into the new version.

An instruction is available here:  UPDATE

If you need us to do this for you, we will do so with the greatest of pleasure. This is a FREE service.

We can assist if you have Teamviewer installed - we can then access your desktop.

or, you can send us the backup file  -  BACKUP