Multiple trading name, Multiple site

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Q-Safe PRO

Do as many clients as you like.

All documents in one place.

Insert your own content or update existing - very flexible.

Easy update and re-print.

Document expiry warning.

SHE documents the easy way.

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This option is for:

1. Health and Safety Consultants who are employed by many companies to setup and update the company site safety files.


2. Companies with more than one trading name.

This is a "White Label" product - it only shows your branding - not that of Q-Safe - making it personalised from the consultant.

Q-Safe PRO - Option 1
Single computer, unlimited contractor, unlimited sites.
R5000.00 per year. No monthly fee. Up to 1 hour live online training included.

Renew within 14 days of expiry, and get a 20% discount on the next year.

R2000 x 3 months = R6000 - R2000 now, R2000 in 30 days and R2000 in 60 days - get full use of the program to earn money. AND, if you settle within 10 days of order, you will get R1000 off. i.e. you will end up by only paying R5000 in total.

Access to updates when they become available (free).

Option to upgrade to Option 2 if you need to add additional users.

Order Q-Safe PRO - R5000



Q-Safe PRO - Option 2
Multiple user - Online.
Unlimited contractor, unlimited sites.

R5000 initial program cost (renewable annually), plus:

Monthly connectivity cost per user.

1x user - R600 per month.
2x user - R900 per month.
3x user - R1200 per month.
4x user - R1500 per month
Add R300.00 per month for every user thereafter.

Minimum internet connection speed required: 4Mbps.
No fixed term contract.
Payment by monthly debit order on the 15th of the month*
30 days notice required for cancellation.

* Debit order is managed by Three Peaks

Are you setting up a business as a SHE consultant ?  - or just want to try the Q-Safe System ?

A special offer for you.

  1. Order the standard version - R1350.00  -  HERE
  2. Create a file for a customer and print it.
  3. Present to the customer, who will think you are super talented. Get paid.
  4. Print a second copy, and show to new prospective customers. They will think you are brilliant.
  5. Get another order from new customer.
  6. Pay the difference - R3650.00 - for the Safety-Worx PRO version.

Have a great business doing files for others without wasting many hours on paperwork - rather spend the time finding new clients and making money. Use the tools we provide to make your clients legally compliant.

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