Q-Safe PRO - Online Option

Order Q-Safe PRO for online multiple person and/or remote use.

Ideal for 2 or more people in the office + on site.

Additional persons can be added.

Includes automatic backups - data is safely stored in 3 remote locations.

Add as many clients or sites as you choose.
Free iPhone and iPad app for access. (iOS only).


Q-Safe PRO : R5000 paid with order - renewable annually.

1 user : R800 per month
2 user : R1150 per month
3 user : R1400 per month.

Additional users @ R250 per month each.

Payment by monthly debit order (15th of the month).
No fixed period contract.
30 days notice for cancellation.

DIY or setup by remote computer support.

24 hours setup time.

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