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Health and Safety File (SHERQ)
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 SHERQ - Safety, Health, Environment, Risk and Quality

A Site Specific Safety File is needed when working on a construction site.

You need to consider the risks of each task and update as required.
The construction industry enforces the need to work safer.
The goal is to reduce construction related accidents.
Q-Safe is a computer program that helps you to achieve this.


 NOW with COVID-19 documentation.

COVID-19 Policy.
Workplace infection prevention plan.
COVID-19 Procedure for a positive case.
COVID-19 Investigation report.
COVID-19 Business startup procedure.
COVID-19 Symptoms inspection record.

EDIT it suit your company.

Used by 1300+ companies in South Africa, including 100+ SHEQ Professionals

You can easily...

Change the health and safetyfile for a new site.
Update when the risks change.
Reprint some or all pages for a new safety file.

Benefit to you...

Save much time and money on creating and updating the safety files for your projects.
Our support team on your side and are here to help.
Experience in the construction industry allows us understand what it is that you do.
We can help you set up your safety files. Quickly!
Risk assessment builder - quick and adaptable
80+ samples of method statements to use or adapt.
Risk matrix for training certificates with expiry dates.
45 part Safety Plan

Includes HR section for staff and training documents,
and system warns you if documents are about to expire.

Ideal for the building industry SMME and emerging contractors.

Simple download and setup...

Start setting up your safety file within minutes.
Help Videos available on how to set it up.
The pages have reference to the law so you understand the relevance of the document.
PC based, no internet required to use the program.
You can use the Q-Safe software to create as many safety files as you need.

We are available for support and guidance. Email, phone, chat box, SMS, WhatsApp 079 294 6903.

Ideal for the building industry SMME and emerging contractors.

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*Price quoted is for unlimited use for 12 months.  Renewal is less 20% if paid within 14 days of expiry date.
*Allows for unlimited updates, and telephonic and electronic support.


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