Do you need to transfer your Q-Safe to another PC?


Option 1: – A more permanent solution

Download the latest version of Q-Safe from the web site:

Open it.
Set it up with your company trading name – exactly as it was on the old version.

When you get to STEP 1,  STOP  (See image at top of this page).

Go to the old PC.

Close the existing program.

Search for the file QSafe.zdx

It is in        C: > Program Files (x86) > QSafe > QSafe.zdx

Copy this file to the same location on the new PC.

Restart the program on the new PC.

Option 2: – A quick fix

On old PC, go to:        C: > Program Files > QSafe

Copy the whole folder “Qsafe”  to your new computer, paste it on your desktop (or anywhere else).

Go into the folder and open the QSafe Application file.

You can create a desktop icon to link you to the QSafe Application file.