Safety Files - What is it about?

Safety files can be complicated, and there is no "Standard" on how to create them.

This is not a standard set of MS Word or PDF documents. This is a full computer program.

  1. Staff information.
  2. Company information.
  3. Site information.
  4. New project or adjust existing.
  5. Each Safety File is "SITE SPECIFIC" as required by regulations.

Fully editable Method statements - 60+ samples.
Fully editable Toolbox Talks - 30+ samples to choose from.
Fully editable Safety Plan - 43 different sections.
SOP - Safe operating procedures - 20+ samples.
MSDS - 100+ samples.
Expiry date register for certificates and documents.

How to know what to print
All the commonly used documents are clearly marked, and are pre-selected when you receive the program.

Does it comply with the regulations?
Q-Safe can create a safety file which fulfills the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. However, the Act and regulations require the Risk assessor, Incident investigator and Fall planner to have a certificate. This is starting to be enforced more on sites, so it is recommended a member of your staff goes on a course for those items.

Our independent consultants are also available if required.

A detailed list of all documents included is available HERE

You benefit by...
  1. Complying with regulations.
  2. Being allowed to work on a construction site.
  3. Setting up all your safety file systems.
  4. Avoiding prosecution in the event on an injury if you are compliant.


file closed

It will let you...

  1. Create a new safety file as well as modify old ones.
  2. Print full file or only selected pages.
  3. Add custom documents if necessary.
  4. Add staff and select who is needed for a site.
  5. Update the file as risks change.
  6. Update the file for a new site.




Designed for the contractor / sub contractor.

Single company trading name.

Installed on one computer.


Q-Safe PRO

Designed for businesses with more than one trading name.


Designed for people who create safety files for other companies.



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