Safety File Documents Needed.

Safety File Documents can be added at any time.
For the safety file to be created, whether you do it or we assist you, you will need to have the following:


Company Documents:


Company Registration documents.

Letter of good standing (LOG - COID).  Workmens compensation ( or FEM ( - for construction companies only).

Proof of public liability insurance. (this is a contractual requirements, not a safety requirement).

BEEE Certificate (this is a contractual requirements, not a safety requirement).

Registration with Regulatory Body or Building Council (if applicable) e.g. Electrical Certification.


Project details:

Client detail

Site address.

Project name.

Detailed description of the task to be performed.

Start date and end date (expected).


Staff details:

Name and ID.

Job title.

Face picture (if possible) - correctly named.

Medical certificate - Annexure 3 (To be supplied by an Occupational Health Practitioner - Specifiy to the practitioner if the worker is working at height (a task where he can fall)

Training certificates.

Next of Kin.

Home address.



Information not sent at the time of setup can be added in later.

Please scan all documents to .Jpg format,   not PDF.