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This is the full working version. You can activate it once the trial is over.

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Download Win 64bit from Dropbox link 80Mb

Easiest option. Select "Direct Download"

Version 2020.6.7 with new Tool register database  - Call us.  Uploaded 30 June 2020


Dropbox  Download Win32bit - 78Mb       Version 2020.5.10   Updated 27 May 2020

Download Q-Safe ZIP

Direct Download MAC - 128Mb - See notes**
Note:  Not compatible with OS 10.14 - Mojave

Download Q-Safe RAR

IMPORTANT:  if you are an existing user of Q-Safe, please do a BACKUP before loading the new version.
There is a 'Backup and Exit' button on the home screen. 
If you would like to UPDATE your program, instructions are here:
Updates are FREE. If you ordered before August 2018, you will need an updated license key. Email  us.
Help is FREE - call us if you have any doubt. 079 294 6903.

Latest version - 4 May 2020

  A ZIP file needs to be opened with Pea-zip, WinRar, Winzip or similar uncompressor.

View the process and the documents that are included in the program.

Work through the step-by-step process to create the safety file.

Please note. This version is for single company use only.

For multiple trading names, you will need to order Q-Safe PRO.

Problem with the download?

** Anti-virus programs are scared of Applications files. (and correctly so!)

You may get a warning "This file is not commonly downloaded from the internet. Proceed anyway?" Select YES.

If you struggle with the download, rather use the ZIP option or contact us and we will send you a DropBox link.

All our files carry a Digital Certificate of authenticity.

If you are concerned, do a virus scan using a free tool:
Once confirmed OK, disable your antivirus program and proceed.


Download the ZIP file.

Save to the desktop.

Use Mac uncompressor to open it.

This is not a native app. Keep all the files in the folder.

You may need to relax your permissions in System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

If it cant find the 'Primary File'  - it is in the Folder on the desktop - "QSafe18.zdx"


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